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Our values

Our shared values are what unites us. They describe what it takes to succeed, and they permeate the way we work. We achieve our world-class reputation through our people: working together, sharing ideas and a dedication to technical excellence.


"This speaks to who I am. The work should be done properly. This is part of our soul. It’s part of our culture. We don’t do anything half way. We wouldn’t have come so far if we weren’t determined and targeted." John Raaen, Project Manager – Costal Defence, Polen, (KDA)

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“Innovation is about creating something new, but also to renew or improve what’s already there. This is part of our everyday life in KONGSBERG, which I think is quite unique. We innovate continuously, in all parts of our business.” Guro Knapstad, Business Development Energy (KDI)

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“It means working together. We value our differences and acknowledge each other’s strengths. You must dare to include those who think different from yourself, that’s when we really achieve the best solutions.” An-Magritt Tinlund Ryste, Program Manager Autonomy, (KM)

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“It’s invaluable to come to work every day knowing that I have a professional organisation and trustworthy colleagues backing me up. The support we gained for the acquisition of Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine shows just how much our owners and the market believe in us and what KONGSBERG can achieve. There’s a collective pride in working for a company with 200 years of industrial history, and I hope we can continue to manage this heritage.” Jon Årvar Rø, Manager Investor Relations and Analysis, (KOG)

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